Rolls-Royce Ghost II by Spofec: extra personality, extra power

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Spofec, the division specialized in Rolls-Royce of Novitec, shows us his good work with a Rolls-Royce Ghost II in which the corresponding extra power is combined with new aesthetic details ready to make this Ghost II a dark object of desire, luxurious, performance.

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The preparation of Spofec starts aesthetically with a new front bumper well accompanied by a new splitter lower, new side sills and a new rear bumper completing the set a new spoiler on the boot lid, lip type, discreet.

Also available to the customer are four new 22 inch wheel sets while the cycle part is also reviewed from a few pneumatic suspensions with variable height and some new carbo-ceramic brakesBut what about your propellant?

For the 570 horsepower version we run into an increase in power that takes it up to 685 horses while its torque rises to 958 Nm. For the 600 horsepower alternative, however, the increase goes up to 710 horses, leaving its torque at 974 Nm. In the case of this last alternative, more performance, the 0 to 100 km / h ends with only 4.4 seconds, while the 600 horsepower alternative does the same with the joint luxury in one tenth more.

This increase in power is settled by reprogramming but also Spofec offers us a new exhaust system.

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Spofec Rolls-Royce Ghost II Image Gallery:



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