Rolls-Royce Phantom Limelight Collection: SPA care and haute couture

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Once again, Rolls-Royce decides to launch a limited edition of its flagship the Rolls-Royce Phantom called Limelight Collection. Only 25 units of this special edition will be manufactured, seeking to offer a new approach to its interior with important improvements in its rear seats developed together with the best medical specialists, and surrounded by an atmosphere of haute couture in which it has not been forgotten not a detail in both accessories such as cufflinks, perfumes, watches, ties …


According to Rolls-Royce, this special edition has been created with a modern, current customer profile in mind that moves in public life. To put it in some way, in Rolls they have wanted to put on the market the perfect tool for those public figures who are the center of attention of high society and who usually travel comfortably in the back seats of a Phantom. Although the stately bearing of this Rolls is still valid in its lines, the truth is that this Limelight edition manages to show another approach.


In addition to the addition of a new Gala Blue paint and brand new 21-inch wheels, the Rolls-Royce Phantom Limelight Collection premieres in absolute first a new rear cabin. Advised by medical specialists, Rolls has designed the two rear seats seeking to offer the highest degree of comfort and health for its occupants, making these seats with the ideal adjustment, contour, softness and size possibilities to guarantee the best treatment to our body.


At the same time, and taking into account that this edition of Rolls-Royce aims to become the usual car of 25 lucky owners, for the Limelight Collection edition the storage spaces have been redesigned to offer tailored surfaces for the usual accessories such as watches, perfumes , glasses, makeup, accessories … At Rolls-Royce they thought that the busy lucky owners of these cars would need custom spaces for their haute couture accessories.


Without a doubt, this edition is intended for one of the main Rolls-Royce markets today, Asia. The British manufacturer has found in markets such as China a buyer with very high purchasing power, but with high demands in terms of customization and luxury possibilities. The Limelight Collection edition thus joins a host of limited series that Rolls is developing under this premise, creating a range of infinite possibilities around the Rolls-Royce Phantom.



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