SCG003: the missing link between a GT, a racing prototype and a street supercar

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What happens when a car collector sets out to recover the essence of the racing sports car and its link with street sports cars? The union of Jim Glickenhaus and Andrea Pininfarina in 2005 was providential. As Sabina would say, an “I wanted to sleep with you and you didn’t want to sleep alone”. Ferrari wanted to bring its special order department to life, create completely different sports cars, freely and on a really comfortable budget. Jim Glickenhaus was that customer who could practically put a blank check on the table and leave the maximum freedom to designers and engineers to do their work. And thus the Ferrari P4 / 5 Pininfarina was born.

But Jim Glickenhaus, far from settling for one of the most beastly contemporary sports cars to ever wear the rampant horse, I wanted more. The P4 / 5 made its first steps in competition, marked times at the Nürburgring, was perfected with technologies such as the KERS.

And now Glickenhaus wanted something more, delve into the idea of ​​the ultimate GTof a racing sports car inspired by Le Mans prototypes, such as the LMP1; and a very powerful and exotic street supercar. Hence what you see on these lines was born, the SCG003, the Scuderia Camero Glickenhaus 003, in two flavors 003 C and 003 S, with a circuit license and a street license.


Y the result is a spectacular sports car, 4.81 meters long, extremely low, with a minimum headroom of 60 and 85 millimeters (front and rear), a carbon fiber monocoque chassis (73 kilograms) and an ultralight weight, totaling 1,350 kilograms distributed 49% (front) and 51% (rear).

Beyond how aesthetic and aggressive its appearance may seem, the bodywork of the SGC 003 fulfills its aerodynamic function, that of offering the maximum downforce possible in turns. It has polycarbonate side windows 3 millimeters thick and a glass front window Gorilla glass – the same screen used by next-generation phones like the iPhone – 3.5 millimeters. Instead of mirrors, use video cameras; It has a roll cage with FIA homologation, 6-point harnesses and shock absorption structures designed for the demands of competition.

Its engine is a V6 twin-turbo from double intercooler and 3,500 cm3, which reaches 530 CV of power at 6,800 rpm and 700 Nm of maximum torque at 4,500 rpm. From middleman, a Hewland 1350 sequential gearbox with paddles on the steering wheel.

In short, a spectacular beast, a street Le Mans prototype and a street sports car that has become more than just a GT racing car. This is the latest Jim Glickenhaus project that will be exhibited these days at the Geneva Motor Show.




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