Supercars Series, the Del Castello family dominate in Imola

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The Supercars Series takes to the track in Imola with a particular combination. Together with the GTs of the Italia Corse series, the Super Cup cars of the Turismo 1 class and the Super Mitjet class are also joined. Qualifying immediately saw Roberto and Luli Del Castello’s Chevrolet Corvette take the lead ahead of Stefano Valli’s BMW Z4. Max Pigoli’s Super Mitjet was immediately out of action, both due to a failure to the rear right and health problems that hit the Larian rider.

Race 1

Roberto Del Castello imposes his class and wins from flag to flag the first race characterized by a couple of neutralizations, one of which to remove Alfredo Di Cosmo’s Seat Leon Cup Racer victim of an accident at Villeneuve. Stefano Valli is forced to settle for second place overall and in the GTA class, while in third position we find the Porsche 997 Cup of the excellent Fabio Grilli who wins the GTB. After a great run-up Armin Hafner manages to finish fourth overall with the Porsche 997 Cup GTC, winning the class against the Lotus Exige of the Neapolitan Piero Randazzo. The latter is also likely to be picked up by the Ukrainian Andrii Iefimenko who has just spun his Porsche 997 Cup GTC. An ordeal was the race of Silvio Galante who with the Ferrari 488 Challenge lost three laps in the pits, barely saving his third place in the GTA. Anything happens between the Turismo 1 cars: with Di Cosmo on the wall and Massimo Arduini’s Peugeot 308 soon in the pit lane due to technical problems, it is Ettore Carminati who prevails with the Honda Civic 24 Ore Special, taking advantage of the sand exit by Jochen Trettl on the last lap in the Elite Motorsport Volkswagen Golf GTI. Last fatal lap also for another Volkswagen Golf GTI, the Faro Racing driven by Giulio Bellucci from Tarquinia. The podium of T1 is completed by the Neapolitan Mariano Maglioccola with the Seat Leon Cup Racer of the JC, for him also victory in the Seat Cup, and the Apulian Vito Tagliente who after years of success in the CIVM makes his debut on the track with the Peugeot 308 assisted by Autostar. Alberto De Ambroggi, alone in Super Mitjet, precedes the Seat Leon Cup Racer of Giorgio Fantilli, Mamo Vuolo, Fiorello Fiore and Francesco Palmisano on the field. A penalty relegates the BMW 320 WTCC of Valmiro Presenzini, author of a vigorous race, to the back of the group.

Race 2

Gruyere starting grid between Turismo 1 due to the absences of Vincenzo Montalbano and Mariano Maglioccola with the Seat Leon Cup Racer and Massimo Arduini with the Peugeot 308. Andrii Iefimenko was also knocked out by a battery problem. Luli Del Castello, who took over from her father Roberto, decidedly extended the rest of the group led by Valli. African temperatures put men and vehicles to the test and soon the Ferrari 488 of Silvio Galante and the Lotus Exige of Piero Randazzo return to the pit lane to retire. Among the Turismo 1 dominion of Francesco Savoia which took over from Di Cosmo on the Leon Cup Racer expertly repaired by Alessandro Revello’s staff. The Apulian stretches out over his opponents with Ettore Carminati who has the better of his Honda Civic on Jochen Trettl’s Golf GTI. Marco Fiore also did well, who took over from his father on the Leon Cup Racer curated by Pit Lane and Revello, trying to contain the damage in terms of a gap on Trettl. Halfway through the race, mechanical failure on the finish straight and retreat for Alberto De Ambroggi who leaves the Super Mitjet class without a winner. Among the Supercars Series there are only four surviving cars with Grilli still third, clearly detaching a good Hafner, tested by the heat. Meanwhile, among the Turismo 1 Presenzini he finds himself with the left rear bumper of the BMW 320i WTCC detached and dangling. There is also a fight to avoid the last place, starring Francesco Palmisano in the Seat Leon Cup Racer curated by Autostar and Giulio Bellucci with the Volkswagen Golf GTI of Faro Racing. This rather electrifying confrontation seems to be resolved when Palmisano is forced to slow down having run out of fuel. A few seconds before the end of the race time, however, Bellucci was forced to the pits due to technical problems, thus finishing ninth among the drivers of the Super Cup. Luli Del Castello, fast and ruthless, won the Supercars Series race with a margin of twelve seconds on Valleys. Grilli and Hafner complete the Supercars classification by winning the GTB and the GTC respectively with their Porsche 997. Among the Super Cup cars, Savoia triumphs in Turismo 1 and Seat Cup. Carminati, Trettl, Fiore junior, Tagliente, Presenzini, Fantilli follow in succession. , a heroic Palmisano and Bellucci. De Ambroggi still manages to finish tenth four laps behind Savoy. The next Supercars Series race will be in Vallelunga on 14 and 15 September.


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