Test Porsche 911 GT3 (991.2) Clubsport Package: follow me … if you can

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If the Porsche 911 is a myth, the GT3 name is undoubtedly one of the sagas that has most helped make the Stuttgart sports car today much more than a legend. More than 50 years behind him have made the Nine Eleven treasure a list of versions, engines and bodies that remove the hiccups, but it is always the GT3, it is always the Porsche 911 GT3 that defends the purest version of the saga and that is why today we put to the test the latest and possibly the best evolution in GT3 code, we tested the Porsche 911 GT3 (991.2).

The Porsche 911 GT3 is possibly the best option to drive a race car in your day to day

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Gas, second, third, full braking, second, tight turn, vertex, gas and there it is again … 9,000 rpm of howling and a rear that pushes like a true demon. As you can imagine, when you repeat this sequence dozens of times, the result cannot be other than the biggest smile. This is the GT3. The Porsche 911 has in its extensive range all kinds of recipes, all kinds of personalities, an endless number of technical configurations, but when we talk about the true essence of 911, it is in the GT3 where we find the best definition of performance, also the maximum exponent of what which we mean by fun.

Sitting behind the wheel of a Porsche 911 GT3 is a must for any self-respecting petrolhead. To understand why it is only necessary to know that in this 991.2 review, Porsche not only decided to reach 500 hp, overshadowing the GT3 RS itself – be careful, they are major words – but also punched the table declaring itself a defender of atmospheric outrage. And it did not stop there, it also curled the curl recovering the manual change that, although it is not the most effective option, it is the most purist. Our unit in particular did not install this purist wink, what a shame … it only uses the fabulous 7-speed PDK that sets the chrono in 3.4 seconds for 0-100 Km / h and is 0.5s faster than the box Handbook. Almost nothing. But when you thought you had analyzed everything from the driving position, you realize that you have that huge and imposing spoiler glued to your car, a spoiler that you can now neutralize through the Touring Package, but what do you want me to tell you, see that huge spoiler for the rear-view mirror is priceless, seeing it also with the stamp “4.0” on its sides is almost obscene.

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The list of technologies, gadgets, systems, aids, assistants and other paraphernalia in the 911 GT3 overwhelms, it is incredible what a sports car of this nature can hide under its body. But call me romantic, the essence is in that 4-liter, 6-cylinder boxer that stretches up to 9,000 rpm! to give you 500 CV with a lot of rage. In an age where everything is Turbo Wherever you look, enjoying an atmosphere is a pleasure without equal. In Supercars Search Engine we tested many sports cars, without going any further we still have our recent test of the Mercedes-AMG GT R developed by a server, but although the Hulk liked it and gave us a lot of fun, the Nine Eleven and his flatsix Get that triple somersault that makes your hair stand on end.

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Although its atmospheric Boxer is arguably the best of all, the GT3 is overwhelming with its extraordinary technical display

But obviously not everything is engine, for me it is by far the best of the whole, but the supremacy of the 991.2 over its ancestors and the 12.3 seconds scratched by the GT3 991.1 at the Nürburgring come from the hand of many more elements. At the tuning level, the changes are subtle but they all row towards the same destination. The 4-wheel steering allows you to make curves at an even more devilish pace, those moments in which your mind assures you that you are going very past, but that in reality you see the arrival at the vertex at too low speed. Even today I am still amazed by how Porsche managed to achieve such a perfect set-up for a car that has the engine hanging behind the rear axle. The thrust when opening throttle is brutal, but it is its traction ability and the obedience of its direction that leave you speechless.

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The GT3 is positioned at the exit of each line with amazing ease, even putting your foot on the accelerator, the rear axle gives you a slight oversteer and then catapults you thanks to a self-locking that reads your thoughts. Something to blame would also have the clear footwear, and that is that this GT3 wore extra soft Pirelli PZero Trofeo R whose scant drawing are the best presentation of this sports car. We literally talk about chewing gum to bite every bit of asphalt that we punish with Launch Control. But if all that was not enough, the huge 20 “single-nut wheels hide tireless PCCB carbo-ceramic brakes, 410 mm at the front and 390 mm at the rear, undoubtedly the best life saver you can have when the speedometer has been taken over the 300 km / h.

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On this day my colleagues Mario Herraiz and Juanma García accompany me and we all agree that the performance of the GT3 is at another level. It is a racing car that we are testing and with that data we can perhaps summarize all our feelings. The precision with which it works, the way it engages you in driving, it may not be the most aesthetically groundbreaking sports car or the one that turns the most heads in its wake, but true petrolheads know that this 911 doesn’t need to prove. nothing to anyone. For challenges and demonstrations there are the circuits and there the GT3 feels like a fish in water.

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The Porsche 911 GT3 is not only fast, it is also very efficient, but it is also surprisingly comfortable

Is curling the curl possible? When you get ready to take home a whole Porsche 911 GT3, from Stuttgart they offer you the possibility of satisfying that pilot inside you through the Clubsport Package that does not involve any extra cost. If the initials GT3 already anticipates that you are facing a car designed to make the bulk of its kilometers on the circuit, opting for the Clubsport Package means that things get serious. Roll cage behind the seats, belts with 6 anchor points, pre-installation for the power cut-off switch and of course, the fire extinguisher that will act as co-pilot. If you are thinking about frequent visits to the circuit, this extra is more than interesting since it offers more safety and a better driving experience, although at the cost of an obvious decrease in comfort and habitability. Everything is for the best time on the track. This Clubsport addition is available with both the bucket-type sports seats and the even more racing fixed buckets, honestly, the look of the bucket-type sports seats of this unit, together with its comfort and high grip, only make me recommend the most radical buckets if you’re really thinking of prioritizing the circuit over everything else.

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And the sound??? You thought I could forget, impossible. I already anticipate that the Porsche 911 GT3 that we tested still resounds on that mousetrap road, it was impossible to go unnoticed and for sure that the locals still have us in their memories – although I don’t know if for the better … -. A low, hoarse sound, but as the needle shoots towards the top of the lap counter, it turns into a scream capable of leaving you deaf. All the exterior noise is filtered into the cabin, and if you do not have enough with the hardness of the suspension that makes you participate in even the smallest highlight, the low acoustic insulation introduces you into a very racing driving experience, without filters, like the they feel in a Le Mans car. It is worth that the Porsche 911 GT3 sells us that idea of ​​driving a racing car on the street, and although the comfort level is surprisingly good, it is impossible and almost inexcusable to “circulate””. This car encourages you to speed up each ratio until the cut, to round curves by putting the rear to the test, in short, to enjoy every second that you are at its controls …

Photography by Juanma García Cámara (@juanmagcam)


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