The new vision of AMG: Mercedes-AMG GT

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From the Mercedes SLR McLaren to the Mercedes SLS AMG and now the Mercedes-AMG GT. Those from Stuttgart have gone step by step, generation after generation of two-seater sports cars, looking for their niche, a path, an experience, which now leads them to a new segment in the hands of the AMG GT , which takes them to the lands of the Porsche 911 itself , a rather unfriendly territory in recent times: the BMW i8 and the Jaguar F-Type also find their place here.

We already had the opportunity to get behind the wheel of the Mercedes-AMG GT, although no, we have not yet been able to drive it. The experience, during the world premiere of the model, helps us to get a fairly clear idea of ​​what the new Mercedes-AMG sports alternative offers us, although of course we continue with the unknown of how its dynamics will be compared to that of the 911 , become a reference, that of the F-Type and its rogue approach and a BMW i8 that despite its size has more of a GT than a supercar.

A V8 under the hood, 462 or 510 horses delivered to the rear end, a whole range of sophisticated technical solutions for its cycle part, delicate curves in its body… we really wanted to meet the new Mercedes-AMG GT. Now we have it before us, it is time for the first face to face.

From Affalterbach

Mercedes-AMG GT: the new vision of AMG

The Mercedes-AMG was born at the premises of Affalterbach, the headquarters, the home, of the Mercedes sports division, of AMG . There where the V12s are born , the atmospheric 6 .3 V8s that will sadly soon leave us and where the new supercharged V8 4 .0 are already being given life that will gradually go from the AMG GT to the rest of the AMG range .

There, in Affalterbach, just half an hour from Stuttgart, the AMG GT debuted . An unbeatable place for it. He did it in the company of the workers who will build it over the next few years, proud, you could see it on their faces; in the company of Tobias Moers, head of AMG ; of Dieter Zetsche, president of Daimler; AMG founding fathers Hans Wener Aufrecht and Eberhard Melcher; of drivers of the brand, with Nico Rosberg in charge of taking the AMG GT on stage and without losing sight of Bernd Schneider, who acts as speaker of the ceremony.

Before us, on a stage where deliveries are usually made to customers, a beautiful yellow Mercedes-AMG GT S. Possibly in the color that suits you best. Impossible not to remember the Mercedes SLS AMG Black Series, which was presented in the official photos, some time ago, in the same yellow tone, but no, today we enter a new era.

Mercedes-AMG GT: the new vision of AMG

Its plant, its size, compared to that of the Mercedes SLS , already warns us of that new era, of that new approach. It looks more contained, less massive than the gull wings. It is clear that here we are facing a lower step, before a model of greater volume. It is also clear that we are facing a silhouette of beautiful nuances, attractive, albeit subtle, curves.

“A more aggressive positioning”, “a challenge”. Every word spoken by the members of the brand sounds like confrontation with 911.

This unit is accompanied by another GT S in a somewhat satin silver tone that also suits it quite well and a red GT that does not quite convince under the spotlights of the enclosure, but let’s delve more deeply into what its design offers us, about the experience of its cabin and what we have seen during the intense day we spent in Affalterbach on the occasion of its presentation.

Its exterior design: giving life to a classic with an elegant silhouette

Mercedes-AMG GT: the new vision of AMG

A pure design. Simple and conservative. Yes, the SLS also sported a classic design, but here we are talking about organic lines, natural lines, surfaces with no more complication than a simple, smooth, curve. The SLS sported a bearing of greater character yes, here we are faced with an elegance, a subtlety, more harmonious.

The concept of its silhouette follows the classic scheme of the brand. We saw it on the SLS and it comes from a long time ago, from the 300 SL and that long nose, delayed cabin concept. Scheme now reinterpreted under a new language.

Mercedes-AMG GT: the new vision of AMG

The classic touch is therefore in its silhouette, the elegance is implicit in its curves and its rear optics and the shapes of its front bumper provide a modern perspective.

Undoubtedly, the most worthy of admiration comes from the fall of its rear and its rear wings
, from the last pillar descending in the company of a rear glass in the shape of an arrow and how this pillar rests on a brief wide rear highlighted by its fine optics horizontal layout.

Mercedes-AMG GT: the new vision of AMG

Criticism has rained on the AMG GT because for many it has not surpassed the SLS , but I remind again that we must understand the AMG GT not as a direct successor to the gull wings, but as a new Mercedes offensive towards a new segment, that of the sports media.

Its interior: quality, space and sportiness

Mercedes-AMG GT: the new vision of AMG

Easily accessible, in the line of the 911 and F-Type, being the i8 infinitely more radical in that regard, we are faced with an interior where the vertical of the dashboard that we found in the Mercedes SLS has also been softened to offer a more profile curved, following what is seen on the outside.

We find elements common to the rest of the brand, yes, there is no lack of the touch surface control to control its menus, nor that floating screen that was so critical at the time for the Mercedes A-Class and even the aerators give an air to those of the Mercedes S-Class, although here we are not among them with an analog clock.

Mercedes-AMG GT: the new vision of AMG

The cabin is spacious and the sports seats comfortable. There is a clear aroma of GT, as its name suggests, even more than in the Posche 911, in front of which it shows us a simpler interior design, less ornate than the 911.

At the front, the steering wheel, finished in alcantara and with a slightly flattened base, accompanied by instrumentation with a simple, classic and easy-to-read design, with a configuration without surprise in which the speedometer is shown on the left, the rev counter at the right and between them a digital screen acting as an on-board computer. Around us an assortment of examples of good finish ranging from the aluminum buttons to the leather treatment and adjustments.

Mercedes-AMG GT: the new vision of AMG

Spacious, comfortable, well finished and also stocked with a multimedia system with a nice interface. Fiddling between the different menus, modes and options, I come across different spellings in which the Mercedes AMG GT is perfectly represented , with transitions in which its doors open, its lights come on, its mechanics reveal us … the appearance is very careful of the multimedia system.

The group of buttons that extends on both sides, with a round design and a beautiful integration, stands out on the central bridge. From these buttons we will control aspects such as the exhaust system, the suspension, the traction control, the driving modes, the volume of the multimedia system …

Mercedes-AMG GT: the new vision of AMG

Continuing with its habitability, we find ourselves opening the trunk lid with an excellent load capacity bearing in mind the segment in which we find ourselves. With wide access, connected to the passenger compartment, although with the possibility of running a curtain, we find a capacity of 350 liters, more than enough for the suitcases of the two occupants.

Your engine: goodbye to the naturally aspirated engine, hello to a new V8 4.0 biturbo

Mercedes-AMG GT: the new vision of AMG

Data sheet

  • Engine V8 4.0 Biturbo
  • Power 462 – 510 hp hp
  • Maximum torque 600 – 650 Nm
  • 0-100kmh 4 – 3.8 seconds
  • Maximum speed 304-310 km / h
  • Weight 1,570-1,540 kg (empty)

Under the long nose, with subtle ribbing, we find a new AMG mechanics . With the internal code M178 introduces a V8 4.0 biturbo with two power levels. On the one hand 462 horses for the AMG GT , on the other, 510 horses for the AMG GT S , developing a torque of 600 Nm between 1,600 and 5,000 rpm in the first and 650 Nm between 1,750 and 4,750 rpm in the case of the GTS .

The power is delivered to the rear axle and although Mercedes has recently been incorporating several versions of all-wheel drive, it is not expected that this will be the case in the AMG GT .

Mercedes-AMG GT: the new vision of AMG

Presationally, the AMG GT registers a 0 to 100 km / h in 4 seconds, while the GT S stops the clock in 3.8 seconds. Its maximum speed is 304 and 310 km / h respectively analogizing consumption 9.3 l / 100 km in the GT and 9.4 l / 100 km in the GT S .

With much of the technology already seen in the A 45 AMG , CLA 45 AMG and GLA 45 AMG , indeed sharing bore / stroke ratio, we find the supercharger system integrated within the engine’s V rather than on the outside being the first dry sump engine with this configuration.

Mercedes-AMG GT: the new vision of AMG

Of course, its V8 mechanics are built under the “one man one engine” philosophy that leads a single operator to assemble the engine from start to finish, thus giving him full responsibility for that mechanics, which will later be signed with a plaque on his part. higher. During our visits to Affalterbach we could see how the M156 , the atmospheric 6 .3 V8 , with the new M178 currently coexisted on the assembly line , something that will be put to an end in the coming weeks.

This mechanism is accompanied by a seven-speed double-clutch gearbox that is located next to the rear axle to improve the distribution of weights, achieving a distribution of 47% to the front and 53% to the rear. The block brings a total of 209 kg to the set, while the chassis represents 231 kg of a set of 1,540 kg in the case of the GT and 1,570 kg in the GT S version .

Mercedes-AMG GT: the new vision of AMG

We also find a driving mode selection system, the AMG Dynamic Select, which allows you to configure the car’s behavior between C (efficient mode), S (sporty), S + (more sporty) or I (individual mode configured to taste ). In addition, the GT S has the RACE mode .

Its cycle part: adaptive engine mounts and suspensions, an electronically managed differential …

Mercedes-AMG GT: the new vision of AMG

The great unknown still of the Mercedes AMG GT is its dynamics, will it be superior to that of the Porsche 911? Will it be closer to the concept of the BMW i8 grand tourer ?

Of course we are not lacking arguments to trust its dynamics from the cycle part. Nor, be it said in passing, its V8 4.0 biturbo looks bad , although of course it does not mean that we are going to miss the atmospheric 6.3-liter V8.

Mercedes-AMG GT: the new vision of AMG

Under an aluminum structure we find a set of front engine, rear wheel drive and gearbox located at the rear (transaxle) accompanied by a cycle part made up of an independent suspension on both axles of deformable parallelogram developed in aluminum accompanied by a set of brakes with 360 or 390 mm front discs depending on whether we are facing the GT or the GT S , with the possibility of also resorting to carbo-ceramic brakes, being in this case 402 mm.

The suspension is electronically adaptive in the case of the GT S , being able to use the same set in the GT as an option. There are also differences between the GT and GT S in which in differential terms, being in mechanical and electronic management GT in GT S .

Mercedes-AMG GT: the new vision of AMG

We also find the interesting novelty of a system of active supports for the mechanics, called AMG Chassis Controller. This system is responsible for managing the rigidity of the set to improve cornering depending on the situation, which leaves us with a set of the most evolved if we combine this system with the adaptive suspension and the electronic differential.

This system is reserved for the AMG Dynamic Plus package, which adds, in addition to these supports, a recalibrated steering and firmer springs, also giving the front axle tires a greater drop.

The cycle part is completed by 19-inch alloy wheels with 255/35 tires on the front axle and 295/35 on the rear axle, being in the case of the 19-inch AMG GT S on the front axle with measurements of 265 / 35 and 20 inches on the rear, with measurements of 295/30. In addition, as an option, there is the possibility of having Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires developed specifically for the model.

For now, beyond theory, we can only have faith in the work of Mercedes and stick to the words of Bernd Schneider, 5 times DTM champion , who after meeting him at the end of the ceremony told us about greater ease of use of the AMG GT versus the Mercedes SLS AMG , with a, verbatim, “it’s easier to ride fast with the AMG GT , the SLS has more character and is more radical when you ride fast.”

Mercedes-AMG GT: the new vision of AMG

Let us also bear in mind the maxim under which it has been developed, the “Handcrafted By Racers”. In addition to some of the keys given by the brand in which they talk about strong bass, linear delivery and agile behavior.

We hope it will not take too long to see its behavior first-hand and see how high it is compared to the Porsche 911. It will be on sale in spring 2015 and will arrive with a price of about 150,000 euros, although there is still no exact figure.

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