The supercars of the son of the leader of Equatorial Guinea are up for auction

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A tens of millions of euro worth confiscated in Switzerland for an investigation against Teodorin Obiang, and which will be converted into social projects.

Aston Martin and Ferrari; Bugatti and Lamborghini, the “obviously present” Bentleys and Rolls-Royce; and again: Maserati and McLaren. Not to mention the even more “exotic” Koenigsegg and Rimac. In a nutshell: the “crème de la crème” of world automotive production, supercars and hypercars that, all together, are worthwhile tens of millions of euros (and only one is enough to amaze in front of a value of six zeros, to say the least), and some of which “taken” directly from the car shows in which they were exhibited, to the delight of the eyes of the enthusiast. Most of which have only been able to admire them in static form; very few super-wealthy, however, have cornered them.

Much of the proceeds will go to social projects

Among these, there was Teodorin Obang, son of the president of Equatorial Guinea Teodoro Obiang Nguema (and vice-president … of the parent), who had recently been kidnapped by the Swiss authorities, as part of an investigation for money laundering, and who were placed auction, last weekend, again in Switzerland. The initiative, organized by Bonhams, was organized – in the complex of a golf club located in the vicinity of Geneva – also with social purposes: gods about 25 million euros overall, most of the auction proceeds (23 million dollars, or just under 21.1 million euros) will go, according to an agreement with the Swiss public prosecutors, to the benefit of social projects under construction in Equatorial Guinea, a former Spanish colony where the poverty index is unfortunately very widespread.

Here is the identity of some of the hypercars

As mentioned, the image of the “parterre delle queine” presented at the Bonhams auction that took place in Geneva was very high: a 2014 Lamborghini Veneno Roadster, an Aston Martin One-77 and a historic Lagonda of 1956 formerly owned by the late Claude Nobs, founder of the Montreux Jazz Festival; and gradually listing: Ferrari Tdf and LaFerrari. These, just to name a few of the most notable. “To scream” the amount achieved by the Veneno Roadster: 8.3 million dollars (buyer, an anonymous buyer): the super-Lamborghini, built to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the company’s founding, achieved a 50% higher bid than initial estimates, which makes it the most “expensive” Lamborghini ever to have passed under the hammer of the auctioneer. There One-77 has, for its part, found a new owner for a figure of 1.5 million dollars. Several other supercars and hypercars, reports a “launch” Reuters, were bought by a Dubai collector’s agent. Probably, to entice as many potential buyers as possible also by virtue of the social value of the enchantment, the decision of the Bonhans managers to deliberately keep “low” (the term is very relative) the auction estimate: $ 17 million.

The same experts of the Maison across the Channel said they were surprised at the success of the initiative, which brought together an exceptional number of supercars all at once: “Even just one of these cars would represent the jewel of any collection; bringing them together is something extraordinary, ”he told BBC microphones Lynnie Farrant, Bonhams Press Officer.

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