Underground Racing’s 1,800hp Lamborghini Aventador is a machine from another dimension

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The universe of tuning leaves us from time to time as true madness on wheels, machines that double or triple their power as standard. If there were to give an award to the craziest coach on the face of the earth, one of the candidates would undoubtedly be Underground Racing. These crazy Americans specialize in developing twin turbocharging systems for Lamborghini, Audi and Ferrari supercars. The most “mundane” vehicle they work on is the “harmless” Audi R8 with an engine. V10.

Underground Racing has just unveiled one of its most radical projects to date, a Lamborghini Aventador that is close to triple its power as standard. We remind you that it is a machine that develops 700 HP when leaving the Santa Ágata factory. The preparation is mainly focused on a mechanic that receives major modifications at all levels, since the final result is a benefits that make a Formula 1 look ridiculous. Yes, you read correctly. Will you join us?

Underground Racing's 1,800hp Lamborghini Aventador is a machine from another dimension

Aeronautical quality for a power worthy of an airplane

The power developed by the Underground Racing Aventador is similar to that of a WWII fighter.

Block 6.5 V12 The Lamborghini Aventador is disassembled and replaced by a forged block of almost identical dimensions, but much more resistant. All internal engine components are replaced by improved versions, from pistons to liners, through camshafts or injectors. Two handcrafted turbochargers are attached to the engine, leading to an exhaust system constructed from aircraft grade steel. Two huge intercoolers are required for cooling.

Underground Racing offers two power stages for the Lamborghini Aventador. The first is called Stage 1, and its power to the wheels is 1,000 hp using conventional gasoline, compared to 700 hp for the standard crankshaft. Power is usually measured at the crankshaft, and if it is measured at the wheels it must be taken into account that between 15% and 20% is lost due to friction. The Stage 1 has a crankshaft power of about 1,200 hp. At this point it is as fast as a whole Bugatti Veyron.

Underground Racing's 1,800hp Lamborghini Aventador is a machine from another dimension

The Race configuration goes further: they are 1,250 hp to the wheels – almost 1,500 hp to the crankshaft – if we use conventional gasoline. Its acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h is only 2.2 seconds in this guise, faster than a Formula 1 or any production vehicle. If we lack a screw and we give it to drink 116 octane competition gasoline, this Aventador of madness delivers 1,550 hp to the wheels, about 1,800 hp to the crankshaft. Possibly no one has dared to measure their real benefits, for fear of dying.

But a 0 to 100 km / h in about two seconds and more than 400 km / h in rush are to be expected. The axles are replaced by handcrafted axles, but no suspension or brake modifications are mentioned … In short, a factory for widows on wheels. Best of all, it is impossible to distinguish it from outside of a conventional Aventador, since the only difference is some tires HRE dark in color. Is this Aventador the ultimate madness? Or is it the greatest genius ever conceived?

Source: GTSpirit
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