Volkswagen Golf R 2013: all the details

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Comes the Volkswagen golf r. Now yes, officially. It comes as the most powerful alternative to the sports versions of the new Volkswagen Golf. Arrives to offer the roof to a range started by the Volkswagen Golf GTD, followed by the myth, by the Volkswagen Golf GTI… and culminated with 300 horses of alternative R.

An alternative that beyond its mechanics, shared with the Audi S3, its power ceiling, of those 300 horses, offers the incentive of all-wheel drive… all under a discreet image, peaceful if we take into account what it keeps under the hood, which only hints at what it really hides when we look at the 4 exhaust outlets that star its rear.

What changes in the aesthetics of the Volkswagen Golf R?

Volkswagen Golf R: all the details

He Volkswagen golf r has opted for a fairly discreet aesthetic configuration. In line with expectations and the philosophy of the brand. It has 300 horses under the hood yes, but at first glance, for someone outside the motor world and without seeing those 4 exhaust outlets you would not imagine it.

Compared to a “ordinary” Volkswagen Golf, in addition to the height reduction, 20 mm, and of the mentioned 4 exhaust outlets it differs in the specific bumpers, as well as in heel pads and the 18 inch wheels. Mention aside and returning to its rear they deserve the also specific optics with a design in Led.

Inside the Volkswagen Golf R has sports seats in Alcantara, a 3-spoke leather steering wheel, ambient lighting and touchscreen… But Volkswagen has still reserved the images of its cabin.

Its mechanics: a 2.0 of 300 horses accompanied by all-wheel drive 4Motion

Volkswagen Golf R: all the details

Starting from a block of 4 cylinder 2 liter supercharged, of the 2.0 TFSI that we were already in the Audi S3, in Volkswagen they have managed to extract 300 horses, power delivered to all 4 wheels through a 4Motion traction based on a 5th generation Haldex clutch resorting to a 6 speed manual transmission or to a gearbox DSG dual clutch also 6-speed. Its electronic stability control (ESC) is completely disconnectable.

Prestationally registers with the manual gearbox a 0 to 100 km / h in 5.1 seconds while with the change DSG the time to reach 100 km / h is reduced to 4.9 seconds. In both cases the maximum speed is fixed in the 250 km / h. Regarding its consumption, in the case of the version with manual transmission, we find 7.1 l / 100 km while in the case of the version DSG stays in 6.9 l / 100 km.

The last step in a sports range that begins with the GTD

Volkswagen Golf R: all the details

Leaving the “normal” range of the Volkswagen Golf aside, the most sporty section of the Golf is in the hands of 3 protagonists: the Volkswagen Golf GTD, the Volkswagen Golf GTI and the one that concerns us today, the Volkswagen golf r, although of course the cabrio variants of this new generation are yet to come.

He Volkswagen golf GTD configures the first step in this sports range. With a 4-cylinder, 2-liter diesel engine it delivers a power of 184 horses followed by the new Volkswagen golf GTI than with a 2.0 TSI served in two power levels, 220 horses or 230 horses if we resort to Volkswagen golf GTI Performance Pack.

Volkswagen Golf R: all the details

By prices, the Volkswagen Golf GTD part from 31,000 euros in the case of the 3-door body and from the 31,620 euros in the case of opting for the 5-door alternative, while the Volkswagen Golf GTI, which is only marketed with a 3-door body, opting for the manual gearbox starts from the 31,010 euros while the version DSG does it since 32,830 euros. The version GTI Performance starts from 32,710 euros.

Regarding the Volkswagen Golf VI R: the predecessor of the current compact 300 horsepower

Volkswagen Golf R: all the details

Behind the Volkswagen golf V R32 the Germans introduced us to a sixth generation, a Volkswagen golf VI R that from the hand of also a 4-cylinder 2.0 TFSI delivered 271 horses with a torque of 350 Nm, also at all 4 wheels. Its starting price then, at the end of 2009, was 36,750 euros.

This past generation of the Volkswagen Golf R marked a 0 to 100 km / h in 5.7 seconds with the 6-speed manual gearbox, while with the gearbox DSG I did it in 5.5 seconds. Its consumption then was 8.5 l / 100 km for manual version and 8.4 l / 100 km for the Golf double clutch.

It will arrive at the end of the year … and it already has a price

Volkswagen Golf R: all the details

With the official information we receive the confirmation of its commercialization, dated for the last quarter of the year, so we can understand that after the Frankfurt Motor Show they will begin accepting orders at dealerships. Although it still does not have an announced price for Spain from Volskwagen they confirm that the price of the Volkswagen Golf R in Germany will start from 38,325 euros… and will be marketed both in the 3 and 5 door bodywork.

Source: Volkswagen
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