Volkswagen Golf Variant R on the test: A familiar to race on a track?

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After testing the Volkswagen Golf Alltrack and Volkswagen Golf Variant GTD, it is time to make the most of the Volkswagen Golf Variant R. To be able to squeeze the 300 hp hiding under the hood of this R-spec wagon, Volkswagen suggested we go to the Ascari circuit, a plan that in addition to drawing us a smile, allowed us to analyze in detail the set-up of this sports car for the whole family. A different recipe than what we are used to imagining when we talk about 300 CV … How did the Volkswagen Golf Variant R perform on the Ascari circuit?


A priori, when we talk about a family body derived from a compact like the Volkswagen Golf, the last thing you stop to think about is the possibility of getting a specification of no less than 300 hp, but combining up to 1,620 liters of trunk with a torque of 380 Nm and a power of 300 hp it can become a very, very interesting formula. Volkswagen has decided to jump into the pool and put on the market the Volkswagen Golf Variant R from € 44,780, a risky bet that seeks to turn a vehicle for the whole family into a sports car capable of setting the fastest lap as soon as you set your mind to it. We are not talking only about an aesthetic kit and an engine tune-up, but about a finish that improves the entire cycle part and places the propulsion in the engine compartment 2.0 TSI 300 hp associated with 6-speed DSG automatic transmission and to 4Motion all-wheel drive system.


For behavior, sound and habitability, the Volkswagen Golf Variant R is a good candidate for a multipurpose car, including some Track-day getaway

With respect to the Volkswagen Golf R in its three or five-door body, the Variant body maintains the same aesthetic elements that define this finish. The changes are centered on its rear with a sportier bumper designed to cover the four exhaust outlets, chrome roof bars and spoiler on the glass to identify that we are facing a Golf Variant R. At the aesthetic level we find a sporty nuance, however the sobriety of the Volkswagen models is still valid in this body.


Inside, the changes introduced are also limited to the console and door sconces where the black lacquer finish, aluminum and an inspiration motif are combined. racing. The details that confirm that this is a high-performance version are minimal, as is the case with the instrumentation with a new blue hue, the “R” logo on the lower arm of the steering wheel and the sports seats with R inscription. Sobriety marks the predominant note, maintaining the elegance of the whole, although missing more differentiation for a variant like this that speaks of no less than 300 hp.


Volkswagen has configured this R specification with adaptive suspension and possibility to select different driving modes, ESP setting, powertrain response, and steering response. The proposed recipe is outstanding in its performance, although without a doubt it is the 2.0 TSI 300 hp engine that shines above the whole set. The work of the 4Motion all-wheel drive system and the DSG gearbox is impeccable during most situations, although when demanding the maximum on the track, it is best to disconnect all the aids so as not to be penalized by the corrections made by the electronics . There is a Sport mode for ESP, but with a 4Motion system that works quite well, the brake aids are excessive.


The alternative to the Golf Variant R is in the Seat León ST Cupra DSG for € 8,890 less, although 20 CV, the all-wheel drive and the “image” value are lost.

Perhaps there is a customer who is not entirely convinced by the 4Motion traction system, looking for the alternative in a permanent all-wheel drive system with a mechanical or controlled center differential. It will not be the usual, and it is that Given the advantage in consumption offered by the detachable rear axle and the good performance shown, only better traction will be needed for very very specific cases.


At the product level, the Volkswagen Golf Variant R is a vehicle that has very few competitors, because only the Seat Leon ST Cupra can be uncovered as a rival to consider by approach and a price from € 33,870. Even so, the Seat León ST Cupra defends a different positioning with a more aggressive aesthetic, 280 hp, only two driving wheels and, yes, the possibility of installing a manual gearbox. The Volkswagen Golf Variant R starts at € 44,780, although it raises the bar to 300 hp and installs all-wheel drive and DSG automatic transmission as standard. He is a different family member, but he is a family member to think about.


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