Volkswagen Up! 2016 on trial: we have already driven it and we will tell you all about the facelift in 10 quick keys

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Volkswagen has updated its small car, its urban alternative, a Volkswagen Up! that faces alternatives such as the Citroën C1, like the KIA Picanto, like the Renault Twingo and that now comes with solid renewed arguments, with changes in terms of connectivity, with new customization options, more colors, a new engine , new opticians … We have traveled to Italy, to Milan, to know it, to put it proof And of course, now is the time to discover our first analysis of the Volkswagen Up! 2016 in 10 quick keys.

1.- What changes on the outside?

The new Volkswagen Up! 2016 debuts bumpers, lights with daytime running optics and taillights, mirrors with integrated turn signals and new customization options, as well as new wheels and colors.

2.- And in the interior design?

In its inside appear, beyond other changes related to their equipment and its multimedia equipment, new trim for the dashboard and upholstery.

Plus there’s a new air conditioner whose screen significantly improves the perceived quality.

3.- How do these aesthetic changes feel?

The slight aesthetic nuances of its exterior suit the Volkswagen Up! although obviously it is not a revolutionary evolution, but, “simply”, a face wash to stay young among his rivals. We must bear in mind that the Volkswagen Up! has been between us since 2011, it is said soon.

Inside, the evolution is more remarkable and together with the strikingly cut moldings and upholstery we find an important evolution of the central console, which brings us to the next point …


4.- A new multimedia system based on the use of a smartphone: your iPhone on the dashboard:

One of the great novelties of this Up! 2016 is the incorporation of a new multimedia system which, based on the use of our smartphone, tries to offer us a practical, economical and fast solution to the demands of a browser, an advanced on-board computer …

This multimedia system is optional. Without it, depending on the finish, we will find a “basic” sound system or one that incorporates a color screen (1Din), with bluetooth.

He price of this smartphone-based multimedia system is 120 euros for mobile support and 65 euros for the USB socket that will help us recharge it on the go. The application is free and it works through bluetooth so we will need the radio with bluetooth to use it, if our model does not have it as standard it would mean an additional outlay of 120 euros. It has a good interface and offers us direct access to music, trip data, the browser …

5.- How is the Volkswagen Up! 2016 as far as qualities and habitability are concerned?

Beyond the aesthetic changes and equipment introduced it is worth mentioning a solid constitution of the surfaces, with modest materials yes, but good adjustments.

his habitability it is more than correct for a car in this segment and for example, with the driver’s seat set for my position (1.80 meters) I find myself with more than enough space on the rear bench to take a trip.

4 adults can go with a correct comfort inside the Volkswagen Up!


6.- And your trunk?

He trunk of the Volkswagen Up! It is 251 liters which offers us a good space given the segment in which it is framed. Without using the double bottom, we can easily carry a cabin suitcase and a sports bag. Using the double bottom there will be no problem in placing two cabin suitcases and a small bag.

7.- How does the new 90-horsepower 1.0 TSI engine feel?

In my opinion the most outstanding novelty. Volkswagen has added to the engine range a 1.0 TSI of 90 horses, a three-cylinder turbo engine, which adds to the 60 and 75 horsepower blocks, also with one liter of displacement and three cylinders.

Dynamically this engine offers us a good response, climbs fast, feels very agile and allows us good motorway cruises, feeling comfortable above legal speeds.

Custom already makes us miss a sixth speed in its Manual gearbox and its status as a segment A car is palpable in the least isolation, but undoubtedly the presence of this engine in the range of the Up! It is a success. It recovers well, it offers us a more than correct acceleration in overtaking and incorporations …

During the presentation the consumptions fluctuated between 5 and 6 l / 100 km Although, as we always mentioned, it is better to wait for a longer test to draw conclusions in this regard.


8.- Beyond its engine … how does the dynamics of the Up! Feel?

Leaving aside this 90 horsepower propeller it is worth highlighting good behavior on the part of their suspensions, leaving us with a set perhaps a little hard, not excessive, without compromising comfort, which leaves us with a good cornering, stable, transmitting security.

The steering feels a bit smooth, somewhat more assisted, logical on the other hand if we consider that we are facing a car of obvious urban use.

The overall feeling is one of lightness, of being extremely fluid in traffic.

9.- How much does the Volkswagen Up! 2016?

You can know all the details about his price Y equipment in the article “Volkswagen Up! 2016, range and prices: how much does the renewed Volkswagen urbanite cost? ”. With promotions it will stay close to 9,000 euros, slightly below.

10.- Will there be more versions?

For now, Volkswagen has only confirmed the arrival of the Volkswagen Up! Load, the “industrial” version of the Up! plus a Volkswagen Up! electric It will also have a commercial variant, a good solution for, for example, a courier company that needs a car for the city.

There will also be a version Beats, with an improved sound system and certain specific design details (dashboard, upholstery …) and no, the Volkswagen Cross Up! it will not reach Spain.

A Volkswagen Up! GTI? We have no further news about a possible sports version.


Volkswagen Up! Image Gallery 2016:



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