With what the 8 most expensive options of the new Bugatti Chiron cost, you could buy these cars

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He Bugatti chiron It is the replacement for the Bugatti Veyron, and wants to revalidate the title of best supercar in the world. Sorry, hypercar, megacar, or whatever you want to call it. Although the Koenigsegg Regera has a couple of things to tell you, let’s focus on the Volkswagen Group flagship. A supercar whose price starts at 2,595,000 euros and whose list of options is obscenely expensive. Salomondrin has been able to access the list of extras for the Bugatti Chiron, as well as their prices. Are you ready to stay ojiplático?

We assume that anyone who can afford a Bugatti Chiron has enough capital to buy any of these options, as well as

1) Exposed carbon fiber body: 255,000 euros

The Bugatti Chiron body is made of carbon fiber, but if you want it to be carbon fiber sight, you will have to pay a quarter of a million euros. For that amount you could buy a whole Ferrari 488 GTB, and you would have about 13,000 euros left over for gasoline, insurance or tires. By a quarter of a million euros You could also buy six Ford Focus RSs, or two well-equipped Porsche 911 Carrera Ss.


2) Body painted with exposed carbon fiber parts: 180,000 euros

Less visible carbon fiber, more painted surface and less money. Instead of a half-painted body, we suggest you, wealthy millionaire, buy yourself a good pair of sports cars. How about a BMW M2 accompanied by a BMW M3? You know, in case you ever need take the children to school or do the shopping of the month. At Supercars Search Engine we take care of your needs, and also, you would have a few thousand euros left over.

3) Rims with diamond cut finish: 60,000 euros

Wheels with a diamond cut finish for your Bugatti Chiron will cost 60,000 euros. If you want them painted the color of the car or another color, they will cost you “only” 57,500 euros. We suggest you buy a Volkswagen Golf GTI and spend the remaining 25,000 euros on 8 sets of tires. What emerges from the video is that standard wheels cost 50,000 euros, and you must acquire them as an extra mandatory. These finishes can be purchased separately with the standard wheels, for 10,000 and 7,500 euros.


4) Carbon fiber trim for the interior: 50,000 euros

Some simple moldings constructed of carbon fiber and installed with artisan precision they cost the same as a Caterham Superlight R300. Of course they make the interior of the Chiron a more “racing” place, but we think it would be better to go to a circuit with what is practically a registered racing car. The Caterham Superlight R300 only has 175 hp, but it weighs less than 600 kilograms and does the 0 to 100 km / h in 4.5 seconds.

5) “Comfort” seats: 25,000 euros

Bugatti Chiron Comfort seats cost the same as a Volkswagen Polo GTI loaded – well loaded – with extras. They are optional seats with a multitude of adjustments and a more comfortable cushion, ideal for long distance travel. What I wonder is if many Bugatti Chiron owners will take long trips, considering that no Bugatti Veyron produced has exceeded 50,000 kilometers.

6) Carbon fiber bumpers and underbody: 20,000 euros

A “vulgar” body kit It costs the same as a SEAT Ibiza Cupra. To be honest, the SEAT Ibiza Cupra costs 21,400 euros, but I am sure that with a bit of negotiation the dealer would make a discount of 1,400 euros without too much trouble. Don’t tell them you came from the Bugatti dealer, because then you probably won’t get the discount. You will thank us for it.


7) Engine compartment lined in carbon fiber / sports seats: 15,000 euros

If you want the engine of your Bugatti Chiron to be surrounded by carbon fiber on all sides, you will have to pay 15,000 euros. Is he same price of sports seats whose structure is made of carbon fiber. We prefer to buy a Nissan 350Z from 2006 onwards, whose prices in the second-hand market are around 15,000 euros. Instead of a few seats, you will have a complete car.

8) Carbon fiber mirror caps: 8,000 euros

Instead of buying some Norauto covers, or covering them with imitation carbon fiber, you can opt for a real carbon fiber shell. The two cases cost a whopping 8,000 euros, the price of a new Dacia Sandero, and not exactly a “bare” unit. If what you like classics, you can purchase a Volkswagen Golf GTI Mk1, equipped with the 1.8 naturally aspirated 112 hp engine.


There are more options, but they correspond to small details of interior and body. For example, a carbon fiber steering wheel for 6,500 euros or a different paint for the lower part of the rear wing, for 5,000 euros. They still have obscene prices, but they would make this list eternal. A good detail that I was unaware that the Bugatti Chiron offers as standard are four years of maintenance, included in the purchase price. Knowing the stratospheric costs of the Veyron in the long run, it’s more than welcome.

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